Sagwan Farming Process

Plantation Process

Sagwan plantations have been broadly settled all through the tropics to deliver top notch timber in trees of good development and stem structure. Numerous components influence the achievement of Sagwan planting programs including site, seed supply and seed quality, administration and other organic variables, for example, bugs. Site is the essential component impacting manor development and improvement. Development and yield of manors developed in various site qualities, inside and outside the Sagwan district is outlined. With right site determination, development and yield can be enhanced more than 100 %. The organization of suitable Sagwan locales is surveyed. Seed supply is a variable constraining planting scale and the nature of the estate, particularly so in nations where Sagwan is an extraordinary. Seed prerequisite in different ranch choices is organized and the impact of seed sources (provenances) and enhanced seed on development and nature of estates is illustrated. A fleeting system for enhanced seed and clonal stock creation is proposed. Silvicultural administration of Sagwan manor rehearses in weeding, diminishing and bug and fire security for development and quality change is evaluated.

The plantation procedure followed by Company is as follows…………

  1. Soil Testing.
  2. If land is fertile than OK otherwise soil treatment will be done.
  3. After 15 days of soil treatment.
  4. Plant will be delivered and plantation will be done by labours.
  5. If plantation will be done by Our team then all the plantation process will be done under the expert supervision of Company.
  6. We will also provide 3 visits in a year by our experts.